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Professional Video Recording - Live Streaming

Clicking on the white links will take you to the videographer's website

If you are going to do live-streaming, remember to get your computer set-up early ! Donít wait until the last minute!

Also, there will be a "hot link" for a pdf copy of the catalog, so that those watching via Internet can view arm band information.

NOTE: The catalog link will not be available until the prescribed
NOTE: timed release as designated by AKC and Special
NOTE: requirements. The link will only be available to those who
NOTE: have subscribed for video through his site.

Contractural Obligations

  • National Show Dog Video Professionals has been retained for this event and no other professional video company will be retained or allowed to make recordings at this show. (Note: this provision does not affect the contracted show photographer(s) taking professional still photos Ė posed win photos or candids - in any way.)
  • This show will be professionally video recorded. No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod mounted camera, or any video recording of entire classes of dogs will be permitted.
  • Submission of an entry form and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and their dog to be video recorded.
  • Commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod mounted camera, or any video recording of entire classes of dogs shall require permission in advance, and in writing, from the club.
  • Video Company will offer FREE shipping and handling for DVD orders placed before or at the show. Note: Orders placed after the show will be charged prevailing shipping and handling rates.

Live Streaming Video

  • We will be filming and streaming the 2017 National LIVE from the hotel in GORGEOUS Hi-Definition Video.
  • We are offering a "TWO-FER" Video Pass. Buy ONE Pass and get access to BOTH the LIVE STREAM and our On-Line, On-Demand RECORDED Video.
  • Please note that the LIVE STREAM is only "on" during judging, and in the local time zone.
  • If you log on from other time zones or countries and do not see the video, it may be because there is no show or judging at that time!

Recorded Streaming Video

  • We will be recording the video each day, loading it to the Internet at night, and streaming the next day after judging.
  • We are offering a "TWO-FER" Video Pass. The SAME pass may be used to watch the show LIVE, and to watch the RECORDED video.
  • The recorded streaming video is perfect for folks in different time zones, International spectators, and those of us who have to work during the week!
  • Also, the recorded video will remain on our servers and website for ~4 - 6 weeks.
  • You can watch as many times as you like during that time period. (We take it down when we load the finished edited video).

Videos On DVDs

  • We are producing TWELVE (12) individual Video on DVD Discs for the GDCA 2017 National Specialty.>/li>
  • We have numerous combinations of Conformation, TOP 20, Parades and Performance packages.
  • We also offer single discs ($50 each) and single dog clips ("Clip-On-A-Stick"), so there should be something for everybody!
  • We are extending FREE shipping on most packages, and HUGE Discounts from 10% to 35% OFF, depending on the package.
  • NEW this year for our edited Video on DVD, we will be titling with complete catalog information. EVERY dog of EVERY Class will be labeled on-screen with Name, Sire, Dam, AKC Number, Date of Birth, Owner, Breeder, Handler, and whatever else is in the catalog!
  • Our Discounts and FREE Shipping apply to PRE-Orders only, so order early!

Technical Support

  • Please note that while we are happy to help folks with their computer setups for the streaming video -- We WILL NOT be available during the show hours to provide any technical support, either by phone or by e-mail. It makes sense - we are busy filming!
  • SO, customers should buy their passes and test their computers EARLY, BEFORE THE SHOW. We WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP AT ALL during the show hours.
  • We will respond to inquiries at night,AFTER judging, but given the jam packed full schedule, you may not hear from us til quite late!

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